Ancona, 1658 - fl 1674 - ?

Italian composer.
Her name is spelt Nascimbeni in modern reference works, but it appears as Nascinbeni in her publications, the only sources of information about her.
She studied in Ancona with Scipione Lazzarini, an Augustinian monk, who included her motet Sitientes venite in his Motetti a due e tre voci .
In 1674 she also published a volume of her own music, Canzoni e madrigali morali e spirituali a una, due e tre voci e organo, dedicated to Olimpia Aldobrandini Pamphili, daughter-in-law of Olimpia Maidalchini sister-in-law of Pope Innocent X .
In the dedication she described herself as being 16 years old.


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Barbara Garvey Jackson