Naples, 3 March 1887 - Naples, 18 Jan 1972

Italian composer and pianist.
At Naples Conservatory she studied the piano with Beriamino Cesi, Fromesco Simonetti and Costantino Palumbo and composition with C. De Nardis and Nicola D’Arienzo.
She began her career as a concert pianist in Italy and abroad, later working as a music administrator with her husband, the composer Franco Michele Napolitano.
In 1918 she founded the Associazione Musicale A. Scarlattiin Naples with the aim of promoting  knowledge of early Italian music and musical culture moregenerally.
She established the  symphony orchestra there and directed the associated choir school.
From 1914 to 1957 she taught theory and solfeggio at Naples Conservatory.
Most of her compositions are large-scale. Her piano concerto is a prime example of the way she took a lead from the late Romanticism of Martucci, with its sound grasp of orchestral technique andits Wagnerian and Brahmsian reminiscences. Her chamber music and songs, including settings of poems by Sergio Corazzini, have a simple clarity of structure and are more lyrical and spontaneous in their inspiration.
She also transcribed and arranged a good deal of 17th- and 18th-century vocal music.


Suono e ritmo (Naples, 1919) with F. M. Napolitano
Compendio di teoria musicale (Naples, 1930)


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Grove Music Online:


Roberta Costa


Gardenia rossa (op, 1), Naples, Conservatorio 1906
Ave Maria (bozzetto lirico, 1, A. Menotti Buja), Naples, Mercadante, 1906
Nada Delwig (op, 1, F. Verdinois), Pistoia, Mabellini, 1910
Fatum (op, 4, Verdinois)
Redemisti nos, chorus, organ, 1930
Ninna nanna, Soprano voice, chorus, orchestra, 1934
Sonata in bianco minore (S. Corrazzini), voices, female chorus, small orchestra, 1936
Il flauto notturno (A. Graf), 1 voice, flute, orchestra, 1961 Orch: Piano Conc., 1917
Allegro appassionato, violin, orchestra (1925)
Corale sinfonico, organ, orchestra (1925)
Dittico, violin, piano, 1937
Notturno, violin, piano, 1937; Colloqui, flute, harp, cello/viola, 1963
Fantasia, harp, 1963
Dialogo, cello, piano, 1964
Elegia, cello, organ, 1964
Songs, 1 voice, piano; arrs. of E. de’ Cavalieri, Purcell, A. Scarlatti, D. Scarlatti, Arne, Caldara, Pergolesi, Cherubini

Principal publisher: Curci