Palermo, 18 Nov 1898 - Rome, 31 July 1998

Italian composer and pianist.

She studied the piano with Guido Alberto Fano at the Palermo Conservatory and composition with Camillo De Nardis and Antonio Savasta at the Naples Conservatory, before taking a course in advanced composition with Ghedini at the Milan Conservatory.
She taught at the Rome Conservatory from 1937, at first theory of music and solfeggio, then, from 1942 to 1970, harmony, counterpoint and fugue. Between 1948 and 1956 she was music consultant to RAI in Rome.
In 1982 she was elected a member of the Accademia di S Cecilia.
Her stage works, like the opera Jamanto, demonstrate her strong leaning towards traditional verismo.
In her earlier compositions she favoured a descriptive, programmatic mode of writing in the manner of Respighi; indeed, works such as the symphonic poems X legio and Patria are clearly conditioned by the political and cultural climate of the 1930s: in them, Zanetti, writing in 1985, identified ‘the entire baggage of fascist celebratory rhetoric and ingenuous striving after a pseudo- Roman epic style’.
Toccata and her Concerto for Orchestra bear witness to her interest in the possibilities of neo-classicism, and her later works exhibit a more eclectic modernism.
She also worked as an editor of 18th-century music.


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Grove Music Online:


Antonio Trudu


La trappola d’oro (ballet), 1929
Jamanto (op, 3, Giuranna), Bergamo, Novità, 1941
Mayerling (op, 3, V. Viviani), Naples, S Carlo, 1960
Hosanna (op, 1, C. Pinelli), Palermo, Massimo, 1978 Choral: 3 cori, male chorus, 1940
3 canti alla Vergine, Soprano voice, female chorus, small orchestra, 1949
Missa sinite parvulos, children’s chorus, harp, organ, 1992
other choral works and songs for violin, piano Orchestra: Notturno, 1923
Apina rapita dai nani della montagna, suite after A. France, small orchestra, 1924
Marionette, 1927
X legio (Poema eroico) 1936
Toccata, 1937
Patria 1938
Concerto for orchestra, 1942
Episodi, wind, brass, timpani, piano, 1942
Concerto for orchestra no.2, 1965
Musica per Olivia, small orchestra, 1970
Chamber and solo instrument: Adagio e Allegro da concerto, 9 instruments, 1935
Sonatina, piano, 1935
Toccata, piano, 1937;
Sonatina, harp, 1941
Solo per viola, 1982 Arrs. of 18th-century music including Vivaldi, Cimarosa and Paisiello