Bourges 1820  - after 1865

Italian composer and singer of French birth, sister of Louis Lacombe.
By 1849 she was married to the Italian composer and cellist Cesare Casella with whom she went to Oporto.
Her Portuguese opera Haydée (or Haidée; libretto by Luiz Felipe Leite after Alexandre Dumas’ Le Comte de Monte Cristo) was given in Oporto in 1849 and, in revised form, at the Teatro Dona Maria in Lisbon on 16 June 1853, when she sang the principal role.
Her second opera, Cristoforo Colombo (libretto by Felice Romani), was given at the Théâtre Impérial in Nice in 1865.
Among her other works are romances, a Marcia funebre (for Maria II) for piano and an Ave verum for voice and piano; some of her works were issued by Ricordi.


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